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It's Your Time.

Monterey Watch Company is a USA-based watch
company that uses high-quality components to create amazing value for our clients at low cost. We take the “Trader Joe’s approach” - We don’t advertise or spend money on marketing with the exception of some online promotion. We create, assemble, package and QC ourselves using sourced parts from Japan, HK, Switzerland and Singapore.

We also design our own dials and case-backs. Our pieces are all mechanical/automatic using either Japanese or Swiss movements.

All of our pieces are based on classic watch designs from the ‘50s-60s and can go effortlessly from t-shirt to tuxedo.

Monterey Watch Co. offers a one-year warranty on mechanical repairs and a 30-day return policy.

And why the name? We just thought it sounded kinda cool. Classy yet surf-y. Sky, sun, ocean. A little Pacific, a little Mediterranean. A night at the casinos in Monaco. Spearfishing in the Maldives. Cue the theme music. You get it. Umm, yeah, and then there's the fact that the owner shares a last name with a famous fashion brand that just may cause some copyright issues.