It's Your Time.

Monterey Watch Company is a USA-based microbrand watch
company that uses high-quality components to create amazing value for our clients at low cost. We take the “Trader Joe’s approach” - We don’t advertise or spend money on marketing with the exception of some online promotion. We create, assemble, package and QC ourselves. Our pieces are all mechanical/automatic using either Japanese or Swiss movements.

All of our pieces are based on classic watch designs from the ‘50s-60s and can go effortlessly from t-shirt to tuxedo.

Monterey Watch Co. offers a one-year warranty on mechanical repairs and a 30-day return policy.

And why the name? We just thought it sounded kinda cool. Classy yet surf-y. Sky, sun, ocean. A little Pacific, a little Mediterranean. A night at the casinos in Monaco. Spearfishing in the Maldives. Cue the theme music. You get it. Umm, yeah, and then there's the fact that the owner shares a last name with a famous fashion brand that just may cause some copyright issues.