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Welcome to Monterey Watch Co.! Your Premier Online Destination for affordable Luxury Timepieces and Accessories. Explore our featured collections, including the high-lume Blackstream series, the adventure-ready 442, and the t-shirt-to-tux Casino. Whether you're searching for a classic luxury watch on a budget or a true statement-maker, you came to the right place!

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About us

You hear about that guy who knew nothing about watch companies but started one anyway? That’s me. I’m Tim. I’m a retired media exec and entrepreneur. I also have Dr.-diagnosed, high-octane ADHD.  I am married to my muse of 30+ years, with a remarkable son, a bulldog, and a pet free-range bunny. Western North Carolina is home.

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The Blacktip

Make a statement with the bold and adventurous designs of The Blacktip... 


Elevate your style with the Blackstream Collection from Monterey Watch. Imbued with... 

The 442

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with The 442 Collection... 

The Casino

Step into the world of luxury and sophistication with The Casino Collection... 

The Dark Bayou

Embrace the mysterious allure of The Dark Bayou Collection from Monterey Watch.... 

The GMTs

Travel the world in style with The GMTs Collection by Monterey Watch.... 

The Great White JTR

Dive into sophistication with The Great White JTR Collection from Monterey Watch.... 

The Kitty Hawk EK

The classic pilot "Flieger" watch.  

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