Why Monterey?

We want everyone to be able to wear a killer timepiece that won’t set you back thousands of dollars. We were inspired because of our love for the great brands and the classic designs from Rolex, Omega, and Tudor. Not everyone can afford one of those pieces, so we set out to build a piece that pays tribute to these incredible brands but won’t break the bank or cause pain and anguish if you lose it or accidentally leave it at the hotel. Call it “collector-quality priced for the people.” Our materials are similar – sapphire crystal, stainless steel, ceramic bezel, automatic movement – but we pull back on the crazy packaging – and subsequent postage expense. We also use the NH35A automatic movement - which is a true workhorse – and is accurate and reliable.


We use only:

316L stainless steel

Sapphire crystal

NH35A automatic movement or

Sellita SW200 movement (on our Swiss pieces)

Ceramic bezel insert (dive pieces)

Luminous hands and indices

How on earth do you do it so affordably?

We’ll answer that in three parts:

  1. We use the Trader Joe’s “white label” approach. We buy materials from other companies, add our own style to it (and our cool logo), and make a piece. The creativity comes from finding the right combination of existing parts to make a totally unique piece. We then assemble the parts we pick here in our shop in Virginia.
  2. The second part of the mix is also a nod to TJ’s. We do minimal advertising – only online – and rely heavily on word-of-mouth and our Brand Ambassadors, as well as social media.
  3. Lastly, this is a passion project. We just aren’t trying to make a lot of money. Keep the lights on, pay the bills, we are good.

Return policy?

Yep! You don’t like your piece, send it back for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked, (as long as the watch is unworn and in new condition.) There is no restocking fee.


Yes indeed. For a full year on any manufacturer’s defect. We’ll send you a return label – just drop it in the mail and we’ll fix or replace depending on the situation.

I hear you name special editions after customers?

Yes again! If you come to us with a design idea, and it’s do-able (and sell-able,) we’ll try to make it happen. And if so, you get your initials added to the design name!

How can I contact you?

Several ways! And you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

You can DM through our social channels

Instagram: @montereywatches

Facebook: www.facebook.com/montereywatches


Customer Service:

Charlotte Krauss – charlie@montereywatches.com