About Us


Tim Hermes is the Owner of Monterey Watch Co.

Dear Friends,

There’s just nothing like it. Slipping on your favored timepiece before you attack your day. There’s an amazing feeling of “completeness” – as if the last piece of the morning puzzle has slid into place. You’re good. Bring it on. In fact, in the years I’ve spent as a bit of a time-nut I have never heard a single person say “man, I regret buying a nice watch.”

Now, make that same timepiece an automatic – one that runs on just springs, steel, motion and gravity - and you just feel a little more badass.

As the world has barreled blindly toward the smartwatch/fitness tracker life, the art of the timepiece has not only grown, it’s gotten stronger. Because let’s face it...a timepiece is art. Your watch says something about you, how you look at the world, and that you care about where you’re going. You got stuff to do. But you’re gonna do it with some flex.

Here at MWC, we want you to feel the subtle pleasure of owning a collector-quality watch. It might be your first. But it probably won’t be your last. But it will definitely up your game in your next meeting.

All of our pieces can take a shot - 316L steel, automatic movement, sapphire glass, water-resistant to 100M and more.  And by using careful sourcing and logical packaging we have created a piece that can stand toe-to-toe with other luxury watches cost twice as much.

We consider our customers part of the adventure. Many of our clients participate in the creation process, and several have even helped pioneer their own models! Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with our next big smash piece! I answer all inquiries personally, so please feel free to reach out with questions.

It’s your time,

Tim Hermes


Monterey Watch Co.

 The Monterey Watch Co core values:

  1. Make an absolutely awesome timepiece that exceeds the value of the actual cost through build quality, source quality, and service quality.
  2. Do so by minimizing marketing and packaging  expense and avoid the huge middleman markups.
  3. Make no pretensions. Be who we are. A killer watch at an astonishingly low price. 
  4. Be completely transparent with our customers.
  5. Deliver white glove service no matter what the issue.