Why We Are So Cool (...and seriously, we are - ask anyone.)

The Monterey Watch Co. Mission and Values:

Build timepieces that are beautiful, functional and durable and whose value exceeds its cost.

Assemble our timepieces in the USA and QC them regulate them ourselves.

Be a company that knows what it is and what it isn't. We make great timepieces for the price. That's what we do.

Understand that our customers are part of our business and are incorporated into our success.

Our "Relentless" Pledge

Be relentless in quality.

Be relentlessly creative in working with what we have.

Be relentless in the quest for perfect customer service. It was not a perfect experience unless we are invited for Thanksgiving dinner afterwards.

Be relentless in admitting our mistakes quickly and fixing them.

Be relentless in finding new ideas and concepts.

Be relentless in continuous and spontaneous acts of gratitude to our customers.

Be relentless in solving problems quickly.

Be relentless in spreading our love of horology.

Be relentless in honesty to each other and our customers.

Be relentless in acceptance of all people.

Be relentless in remembering life is short and family, friends, health and fun are paramount.

Be relentless in doing the next right thing.