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We are thrilled to announce that one of our own, along with a special team, will be heading to the roof of the world, Mt. Everest in Nepal, 28 March 2024. The team will be led by 17-time Everest summiteer Lakpa Rita Sherpa. While they won't be attempting a summit, Everest is Everest. Our very own Angela Duff will be joined by two experienced friends and mountaineers - Angus and Kristin - along with a Sherpa team.

To commemorate, we have created a series of 10 special EBC editions with a bright red GMT and sweep hand to honor the Nepalese flag. Each timepiece will also come with a second red MILTAC strap.

If you're an INSIDER - use your INSIDERS discount code. And if you're already a Monty owner, you know what to do!

We'll be pushing this out to the public on Saturday, 3/16. We anticipate a full sell out so act quickly! Good luck Team Monterey!

P.S. Want to trek to tothe Himalaya? Check out Khangri Experience.

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