The Simple Beauty of the NH35 Movement

Tim Hermes is President of Monterey Watch Co. 

In a world increasingly dominated by smartwatches, automatic watches stand as a testament to craftsmanship and artistry. Among these, the NH35 movement, often referred to as a “workhorse,” has gained a reputation for its reliability. Monterey Watch Co. is a brand that understands the significance of this movement, incorporating it into our product line for just those reasons.

Automatic watches are powered by the kinetic energy of the wearer’s movements, harnessed in a mainspring to drive the watch’s mechanical movement. This mechanism not only tells time but also evokes appreciation for watchmaking.

The NH35 movement, developed by TMI (Time Module Inc.), exemplifies the heart of an automatic watch. Renowned for its robustness and precision, it has become a staple in many timepieces, including those offered by Monterey Watch Co. With a beat rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour and up to 41 hours of power reserve, it’s a dependable workhorse that Monterey Watch Co. entrusts to ensure the reliability of their watches.

The inexpensive, yet epic, NH35A

What sets automatic watches and the NH35 movement apart from smartwatches is their timeless elegance. Each tick of the second hand reveals the meticulous craftsmanship beneath the dial.

Smartwatches lack the tangible beauty and heritage of traditional timepieces. While convenient, they often lack the emotional connection found in mechanical watches.

Moreover, automatic watches can last for generations with proper care, becoming cherished heirlooms. In contrast, smartwatches become outdated quickly, losing their value.

In conclusion, automatic watches, driven by movements like the NH35, offer functionality and artistry that smartwatches can’t match. They represent timeless craftsmanship in a tech-driven world. Consider the beauty, reliability, and the thoughtful selection of the NH35 movement by Monterey Watch Co. if you seek elegance and longevity in your timepiece.

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