Introducing The Blackstream Watch: A Tale of Inspiration and Innovation

Dear Friends,

There are points in time where sometimes you just have to gush and give thanks. At your luck. Or friend's luck. Or success. Triumph. A comeback win. A perfect sales pitch. A cavity-free dentist visit.

Abbey Road on vinyl. That kinda thing.

I am having that vibe now with the debut of the Blackstream.

We started the design last August. What I wanted more than anything was to keep the price affordable for an entry-level enthusiast.  We decided on a pilot/diver style because I have had this urge to do something cool with our logo. Something a bit different. And to "lume it..." yes indeedy. A sublime logo with a biker-patch theme on the case-back, a mesh bracelet that is silk,  and a little inspiration on the clasp to remind you every minute is your minute. All packed into a 40mm case (aka "God's wrist.")

Plus all the good stuff. You can see that in Specs.

So how did this happen? In 2022 I was just hungry watch collector. Now, we have a (profitable) company, 600+ customers, a wonderful online community, even more new amazing shop and office. And we did it with no funding whatsoever. Only from the trust and repeat business of our customers.

And now my first custom timepiece. To sell? For real?

For real. Alas. I gush.

So how did this happen? It's because our customers - pardon in advance - are f$%#** awesome. It's meeting new people every week from all walks of life that has made this job so fun. We love meeting you and geeking out. And yes, we really do look at every suggestion you make. Our Brand Ambassadors have opened our eyes to new communities, and stretched our horizons about our audience. And the Instasphere has yielded literally millions of wristies for us to look at for inspiration.



And the wristies you have sent from the world over...there's nothing so satisfying than seeing them in our feed.

Blessed indeed, am I.

So, the pitch...I hope you'll pick up a Blackstream tick-baby for your lonely wrist. And I hope you'll love it as much as we love our customers. 

Est tempus tuum,

Tim Hermes


Monterey Watch Co.



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