Timeless Gratitude: Monterey Watch Journey of Time and Passion

Dear Customers, Partners, and Brand Ambassadors,

Tim Hermes here, Owner of the Monterey Watch Company, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. Can you believe it? It's been a whole year since I turned my lifelong fascination with watches into a reality, igniting the spark that led to the birth of our company.

You see, I've always had this undeniable love for a good automatic timepiece. The way it effortlessly ticks, the intricate mechanical movements, and the sheer craftsmanship that goes into creating such a tiny work of art—it has always fascinated me beyond measure. And that fascination is what propelled me to dive headfirst into this adventure.

In our first year as builders of high-quality, affordable timepieces for the entry-level collector, we had the pleasure of serving over 300 customers. But here's the remarkable part: many of our customers didn't stop at just one. They found themselves captivated by our timepieces and ended up becoming repeat customers, proudly adding several pieces to their collections. It's a testament to the quality and appeal of our watches, and we couldn't be more honored.

Your support and trust in our vision have been the driving force behind our success, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

From starting with a DIY kit in January of 2022 to evolving into a full-fledged company in late May, we've come a long way. Our mission has always been crystal clear: "Make Awesome Affordable"  - timepieces that capture the essence of style, durability, and, most importantly, the pure joy of owning a remarkable automatic watch.

As we stride into Phase 2 of our existence this year, I am, thrilled to unveil our latest creation—the 101 DM. Trust me, it's so damn badass. With its bigger 42mm size, blackout case, domed sapphire crystal, and display case-back, it's the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

But here's the thing that sets us apart—our company is an open work in progress, driven by collaboration with our customers. We believe in the power of your ideas and insights, which is why we had the pleasure of working with four customers whose initials are proudly etched on the watches they helped design.

Affordability has been our guiding principle from day one. We don't think price should ever be a barrier to entry into the world of timepieces. We've cracked the code on how to create exceptional watches without breaking the bank, making sure that everyone can experience the joy of owning a quality timepiece.

Before I wrap up, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all our clients and partners for your unwavering support throughout this incredible year. Your passion for watches and your belief in our mission have been the driving force behind our success. It's an honor to have you by our side on this horological journey.

With sincere appreciation for you, and for the magic of automatic timepieces,

Tim Hermes Owner, Monterey Watch Company

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