The Three D's - the key to the Three D-watch collection

My "Three Watch" Collection Recommendation - Following the "Three D's" 

I read a great blog a few years ago about the strategy of the three-watch collection. But I call it the "Three D's." This might be a fun journey for you. As you know, your Monterey is a killer watch. But we want it to be a stepping stone to an even better, elite piece. A "Gateway Watch" to help start your collection. Going with something else? Cool. Here's my recommendations for 3D collection. The total investment here would be about $6500. 

"D1:" Daily. Probably your first auto. Pay close attention to the bracelet and make sure it is not stamped metal but milled. Check the depth rating for water resistance. For this watch quartz is fine.  It's a daily and is going to last forever. T

My recommendation: Tissot PRX 80 Auto with the mint dial.. A phenomenal piece for the money. Fellow watch guy Teddyy Baldaserre is a fan of this piece. In fact, pick it up here!

PRX Automatic Powermatic 80 Green Dial | Teddy Baldassarre

Good: Design and durability. Dial and bracelet are particularly good.

Not so good: Very 70's look. It may go out of style quickly. 

"D2:" Date night. OK. You need something that can go from t-Shirt to tuxedo. Under no condition should you have anything plastic and digital on your wrist. It's Big Boy time. Set a budget of $750 or so. 

The bracelet and dial of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart is spectacular. With a see-through window and an absolutely silky bracelet. It truly goes with everything. The gray used in the color scheme have a nice glow and the red jewels showing through the dial at about 11 are sublime.

The automatic movement Hamilton uses is excellent and accurate. Power reserve when used is about 36 hours.

Good: Dial and bracelet.

Not so good: A little hard to read at night.

Check it out here: Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Open Heart Blue Dial Men's Watch H32705141 7640167042685 - Watches - Jomashop

"D3:" Daughter's wedding: For many of you this is a long way off. Maybe not if you came new to the watch world. Regardless, this is your "Grail" watch. What you work your life for as a small piece of self-recognition and enjoy the payoff when you rock it for weddings, promotions, anniversaries, special parties, and holidays. For this piece, you just cannot miss with the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. I can't gush enough. Their co-axial 8000 movement series is spectacular. The finish and attention to corners and edges is superb. And the dial....oh that dial. No matter the color you pick it will look awesome. Wear this piece slightly looser than you would your other watches. Let it dangle just a bit so it catches the light and throws off some flex. But no "Miami Car Dealer" dangle, please.

Good: Damn near everything.

Not so good: A little pricey.

From the boutique: Aqua Terra 150M Seamaster Steel Chronometer Watch | OMEGA US® (

As you, your life, your family and career grow, these items will move down the "D list" and you'll be looking for that grail again now that the Seamaster has slid to your Date Night Watch. You've given the Tissot to your son or daughter. So what's next? Eventually the Seamaster will be your daily watch and you'll have spectacular pieces for more special occasions. 

Your perfect three-watch collection is out there. I hope you find it and enjoy the journey getting there.

It's your time,


P.S. Although I own Monterey, I know our place in the hierarchy of the watch world. We make an entry-level piece. And we love it. My three-watch is the very first Monterey Blacktip, a Rolex Submariner for date night, and an Omega Speedmaster Planet Ocean GMT for special occasions and travel.


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