The 442 Paul Mars SE Releases!

Dear clients and friends. 
Our business model here at MWC has been to celebrate the total cool-factor that are wristwatches. We just love them and a cool watch is one of the few things (besides online sports betting) that most guys - young to old, nerds to bros, agree upon.
Another aspect is inclusion. We regularly invite customers to join our Client Advisory Board, and I enjoy, greatly, hearing their ideas.
The last piece is our Brand Ambassador Program. These are folks who have gone the extra mile to promote the brand. Many of them are friends. Some have become friends. Paul Mars is both. Paul made some great suggestions to the 442 line based on his needs from his life's path. Our favorite was to add the date magnifier.
And the watch he helped us design is just so...badass. Seriously. It rips.
Here's Paul's #001
We work with climbers, hikers, drummers, veterans, law enforcement, educators, athletes, ...everybody. Hell, we even have a Sherpa (thank you Lakpa!) 
Wanna be a Brand Ambassador? Reach out to me personally and tell me your story.
Thanks for being part of the journey.
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